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Everything You Wanted to Know About Atlassian Cloud


Everything You Wanted to Know About Atlassian Cloud

Executive Summary

Atlassian Cloud offers several modern capabilities across speed, productivity, costs, and scalability that makes it easy for teams to achieve the desired level of availability and performance. With exceptional redundancy and failover options around the world, it enables teams to access the resources they need, to build and scale applications at reduced costs.

Teams of varying sizes, developing varying types of simple and complex software, are now embracing the cloud to deliver products that can meet the demands of the modern customer.

If your organization is looking to adopt Atlassian Cloud to completely change how software is developed, delivered, and managed, this comprehensive guide should help you.

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Key features and benefits of the Atlassian Cloud
Scenarios when enterprises should consider moving to the Atlassian Cloud
Best practices for cloud migration
Pitfalls to avoid in cloud migration

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About Addteq

Addteq, a global organization that combines efficiency and technical expertise, has been providing innovative results to clients for more than a decade. A Platinum Atlassian partner and a leader in developing business solutions to enterprise clients, Addteq deploys the most modern tools within the software development lifecycle and strives to create modern solutions to enhance business processes.

Deploying a combination of Addteq's services and strengthened by our extensive partner network, we have delivered superior results across a range of industries. We leverage the Atlassian toolset to modernize the software delivery process as well as assist in streamlining the process of migrating workloads to the Atlassian Cloud.

Our software development and delivery services include:

  • DevOps implementation and migration to the Cloud
  • ALM and DevOps Implementation using Atlassian and AWS
  • Custom app development
  • Customized consulting and training
  • Managed hosting and global delivery
  • Technical support services
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